Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So happy with my booth banner from vistaprint!

I am really happy how my sign turned out!  Here are photo's of my sign work up and the actual sign that I got moments ago!!
I created the banner in Photoshop and easily uploaded to vistaprint.  The actual sign matches closer in color and saturation than what my photo shows.


  1. Your banner is outstanding. I really like the composition of it and the colors are lovely.

  2. Renee,
    Your banner looks great. Thanks for sharing with your readers. Would you be interested in sharing in our Facebook (facebook.com/vistaprint) or Flickr (http://bit.ly/NoS4t) communities? Other customers might like seeing how you designed yours.

    Thanks again.

    Jeff Esposito
    Public Relations Manager

  3. Thanks JeffVistaprint.... I just posted my photo on vistaprint facebook - I don't have a flikr account and still really don't know how to operate my blog very well. Next is to get a photo with it up in my booth.....first market is today!