Monday, November 22, 2010

Snowy Weekend

A great snowy weekend for staying inside, watching football and making cuff bracelets out of upcycled factory samples of leather.  Maybe not the best weather for outdoor photography....brrrrr.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I am asking for help for Elijah & Art Update

• Putting a SHOUT-OUT to All Other Craft/Art Persons - For my neighbor boy Elijah
SEND ART/CRAFT DONATIONS TO: Elaine Castaneda at 15277 Cavalieri Road, Sonora, ca 95370

Working on:
• Looking for a way to remove liver of sulfer smell from jewelry. - did some searching - Cristie mentioned
   baking soda bath.  None of my jewelry here smells so I need to try it on a customer that has an item of 
   I made - says it smells like solder but, I'm thinking it's the patina?

 Need to Do:
• Start back in on my hammered and sculptured metal jewelry pieces to build back up my wiped out inventory!
• Goal - add or renew daily to my Studio Jardine Etsy Store.
• Double check to see if girls still want bling - Lisa (yes), Eileen, maybe.
• Ball Chain - bring to Caffe Blossom
• Finish leather cuff bracelets started last week.

Just Finished:
• Another order for Denene - new fix 2 broken - done and mailed.
• Dana's earrings - done and mailed.
• Send KL - check for shipping - and surprise - done and mailed.
• MORE - aceo print pendants for Caffé Blossom - delivered.
• More leather cuff bracel

• See if I can build up my inventory & sell my jewelry at the George Post Gallery in Sonora.  It's an honor to be asked and I believe it would be a great place to sell my craft! : ) - Looking for a display!
• Think I may not do any events until next summer.  My inventory is low and my time is getting crunched.  Soon I need to start painting my 2013 Calendar.  Whether or not we have a 2013 -haha!

Let me know if there is anything I'm forgetting! THanks!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What a messy gal!

Hey People.... it's been a lot of fun but, this is just getting ridiculous! I've been busting out the jewelry with out doing any straightening, putting away, or organizing things back where they go. Can you tell? Tomorrow's agenda: cook a turkey (no I cannot wait until Thanksgiving) and REALLY clean up my art room!