Thursday, November 11, 2010

I am asking for help for Elijah & Art Update

• Putting a SHOUT-OUT to All Other Craft/Art Persons - For my neighbor boy Elijah
SEND ART/CRAFT DONATIONS TO: Elaine Castaneda at 15277 Cavalieri Road, Sonora, ca 95370

Working on:
• Looking for a way to remove liver of sulfer smell from jewelry. - did some searching - Cristie mentioned
   baking soda bath.  None of my jewelry here smells so I need to try it on a customer that has an item of 
   I made - says it smells like solder but, I'm thinking it's the patina?

 Need to Do:
• Start back in on my hammered and sculptured metal jewelry pieces to build back up my wiped out inventory!
• Goal - add or renew daily to my Studio Jardine Etsy Store.
• Double check to see if girls still want bling - Lisa (yes), Eileen, maybe.
• Ball Chain - bring to Caffe Blossom
• Finish leather cuff bracelets started last week.

Just Finished:
• Another order for Denene - new fix 2 broken - done and mailed.
• Dana's earrings - done and mailed.
• Send KL - check for shipping - and surprise - done and mailed.
• MORE - aceo print pendants for Caffé Blossom - delivered.
• More leather cuff bracel

• See if I can build up my inventory & sell my jewelry at the George Post Gallery in Sonora.  It's an honor to be asked and I believe it would be a great place to sell my craft! : ) - Looking for a display!
• Think I may not do any events until next summer.  My inventory is low and my time is getting crunched.  Soon I need to start painting my 2013 Calendar.  Whether or not we have a 2013 -haha!

Let me know if there is anything I'm forgetting! THanks!

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