Sunday, January 23, 2011

Using Photoshop to Save Time......

• Drawing the Butterfly
 There once was a day when I painted butterflies without using any tools such as photoshop or the internet to find images.  My images came from field guide books and my tools were simply a piece of paper to make a template, a pencil and scissors.  To create an even butterfly I would fold the paper in half & draw half of a butterfly. Next I would cut it out and use as a template to draw the outer lines of the butterfly onto my canvas before painting.  

Now use the internet to find great photos of butterflies.  I put the image into photoshop and create two butterflies.  One I lighten so it is easy see  to draw another layer of black lines over the butterfly. The other butterfly I keep vibrant to print out for a visual when I paint. 

As before, I only draw half of the butterfly. I duplicate my line drawing, flip horizontally and place the duplicate wing on the opposite side. Next I delete the butterfly underneath the black line and print it out.  I no longer cut out the butterfly.  Instead I now have a light board that I place the line work on, put my canvas over the print out and basically trace the butterfly onto my canvas.

It is very nice to not draw and erase the basic designs of the butterfly wings.  This is a much faster process than before.  Photoshop is a wonderful tool in my paint box.

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