Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Started Painting My 2014 Calendar

Now that I am up on the coast my paint is taking it's time to dry.  Something I had not experienced in Tuolumne where the air is much dryer.  Before I would have to paint fast so my layers would not set up before I would finish one.  Another switch, for my 2014 calendar I have decided to paint more than one butterfly per image and not have such a strong focal flower as in the past.  Something different.  I try and switch it up a bit each year and this will be my 11th calendar for Lang / Avalanche Publishing.


  1. Can't wait to purchase mine~

  2. Just love your butterflies. On the calendar you gave me sooo many years ago you identified the butterflies on the back page, which I thought was great, I was wondering if you are going to do it on the calendar you are working on?
    Brenda Hix

    1. My 2013 is available and my 2014 is finally done! See my latest blog.