Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday, October 8th - Art Update

Working on:
• Looking for a way to remove liver of sulfer smell from jewelry. - did some searching with not luck yet.
• Artwork done or printed for the following pendants:
   Black miniature schnauzer 
   Denene - family photos 
   Tiffeni - coffee / foxglove 
   Twist Tea 
   SF Giants - images gathered - waiting on pics from customer who requested Giant bling.

Need to Do:
• Aceo pendants - put together and solder - complete with beads etc...,
• Dana's earrings - decided I need to do over so both side match better when cutting the ceramic pieces.  
• Start back in on my hammered and sculptured metal jewelry pieces to build back up my wiped out inventory!
• Goal - add or renew daily to my Studio Jardine Etsy Store.
• Watching for contest winners here to send out boxed cards. - sent 2 boxes out - need to know who to send to
for #470 & who all for #480
• Wrap up earrings for Eileen and Janet
• Lisa -show moonstone necklace to her for possible purchase.
• Send KL - check for shipping

• The idea of having a booth at the High Country Hellcats Roller Derby bout at the High Country Sports Arena in   Sonora/Standard on the eve of Saturday, November 6th.  I think it could be fun.  I am awaiting the application and as soon as I get it I will make a final decision - not sure if they are going to have vendors now.....
• See if I can build up my inventory & sell my jewelry at the George Post Gallery in Sonora.  It's an honor to be asked and I believe it would be the best place I could sell my craft! : )

Let me know if there is anything I'm forgetting! THanks!

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