Saturday, October 2, 2010

A shout out for Anyone wanting Custom Bling......

I am putting a shout out to anyone wanting a custom picture pendant. The week of October 4th is picture pendant week for me. I have a very small working space so I make different styles of jewelry each week. This past week was additions to my Nature Inspired Collection and this upcoming week are picture pendant necklaces. Cost for a 1x1" picture pendant with some bead bling are $35 each - includes tax & shipping. Now is the time to put in your order (remember 2 images - one for front and one for flip side) That is, if you want a pendant sooner than later. And, if you don't have an image but, know what you would like I can help you find images. If you want to get a pendant order in email me at

pendant materials:
•archival glass
•archival aceo gliceĆ© prints (archival ink and paper - long lasting, water and fade resistant) 
• silver solder with a black patina applied
• beads are varieties of glass, crystal and shell.  NO plastic!

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